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Bronze, copper, iron, silver and gold combine with shellacs, polishes, inks and washes in a light-responsive finish. Contained abstract geometry suggests planets, cityscapes, field patterns, rock-strata, the view through a microscope. Slow change over time and tipping-points. 


Ben’s mind is as mercurial as his materials: explore the creative journey.



The Do Not Obstruct artists' collective followed the success of their last group exhibition at Brighton Hippodrome. 

The CAB is a huge vault space under Brighton Station, once used for horse carriages. It was filled with over 50 artists and over 200 hundred artworks from Fri 23rd Feb to Sun 25th of Feb. Ben sold the large 'Strata 2'.

Other sales and a commission

New companion portraits 'Electric Matador' and 'Lincoln' were snapped up by a corporate collector of Ben's work and are now in Worcester.  So fresh, they were sold from the website without ever being exhibited in public. 'Ropewalk', a small Containment painting with the red line running through the maze, found a home in Brighton. 'Das Boot', a little green containment that almost sold three times before, is now in London.

A commission set Ben exploring new colours, with 'Containment 19 20'. (right). Read about what happened in my Art in Containment blog.

Ben Fearnside_Metal on Canvas_Ropewalk.j
Ben Fearnside_Metal on
Ben Fearnside_Metal on
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