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Welcome to the new website!

So this is my first blog post on my sparkling new Art Website. Hello!

A massive Thank You goes out to the three key people who’ve made this possible and been so generous with their time and skills:

  • Annique Tate for creating this very handsome website in a creative and collaborative way, and making a daunting process enjoyable.

  • Strat Mastoris for photographing my work. Capturing light-reflective metals is no easy task, but he’s managed it brilliantly.

  • Kate Fairhurst at Growth Minds for putting the marketing strategy together, and giving me a bespoke 101 guide I could actually follow... and which clearly works, if you’re reading this!

I’d also like to thank everyone who has given me feedback online and in person, and everyone who has honoured me by buying a one of my artworks, putting it on their wall and making it part of their life. Thanks for your support!

I love the new look of the site, the way it showcases my creative journey. I’m very excited about the new direction my work is taking and the upcoming show.

Gallery 40. Brighton Festival. May 1st-14th 2017, from 11am to 7pm daily.


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